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Spanked and Fucked!

Another week and another stupid slut comes by and gets spanked and fucked. Kristen is a beauty thats got some nice legs in addition to the hot body. Check out the vid.!

We got this hot whore on the couch and we knew she was going to be great for the part we had in mind - the spanking and fucking fest. Check it out!

Another smoking hot chick here on fareastmedia.com. Aliana Cox loves to get spanked. She is a beautiful slut who always begs for a thick dick to stretch her tight pussy open wide.

This week I got to spank and fuck one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. Lucy is a seductive and sexy slut who knows how to suck a big dick. Enjoy!.

Katie is a hot honey. She lies back for some spanking and gets her pussy eaten out by this big cock.

Cali Chase stopped by to show her passion for spanking and fucking. So we spread those legs and let that humongous rod penetrate her tight pussy.

Krystal is one horny sexy ass slut. Her specialty is getting spanked and fucked out by huge cocks. Enjoy!

Brooklyn takes a hard spanking this week and wishes it wasn't just her ass that took a pounding.

Shyla has a rockin' body, she loves sex and showing off her body. She has a non stop craving for cock. Another nice spanking scene.

Laurie shows up for some spanking fun this week. We turn her ass into a red hot tomate. Muy Bien.

Kaci shows up this week to get her ass turned from a soft white to a fire red. We love spanking these girls till they cant sitdown.

Victoira Sin comes by this week in what was a spankfest. Not to mention shes fucking hot as hell. Great scene, check it out.

Cherry Poppins swings through for a classic spank and fuck scene. When we were done with her ass believe me it looked like a bowl of cherries.

This week we got Scarlett's ripe ass to spank and fuck. Another nice spanking scene to add to the list. Check it out.

Enjoy a rare Friday update with Gia. She's got a perfect ass for spanking, so don't wast any time, get spanking.

Katie Ray comes in for a monster spanking this week and she loved it. We loved spanking her milky white ass and then fucking her brains out.

Tyla has got an ass that is so spankable our guy couldn't wait to get started. Once he did he went to town tanning that ass and then banging that ass.

We are back with fresh updates. Laya gets her ass heavily damadges this week. We picked her up and she said bring the pain, so we did. One red ass coming up.

Carmen is a spicy senorita that we stumbled upon. She was pretty hot and got us kinda hot, we spanked her ass so hard we left 3rd degree burns on it. Muy caliente.

Elektra is on deck this week. Shes got a nice round ass that we like to slap silly. This spanking was so fierce Elektras ass began to ask us to stop, but we kept going.

Another ass branding spanking this week as we turn another page in the chapter of Far East Media. This was a brutal thrashing that could only be soothed by the cool man cream.

Andrea is this weeks victim. These girls think its all fun and games, but if there is one thing we are serious about around here its a hard, dileberate, tear inducing spaking.

Lina had one of the firmer asses weve seen recently so that makes the spanking all the better. Another week another cum splattered face and red ass.

Back with another update this week. I remember there used to be a soda called Shasta brown, this week we learn about Shastas red ass.

More fresh updates, this week its Serena's turn to take one monster ass smacking and cock thrashing, enough talk, lets get to it already.

This week Paige is the ass we are gonna spank till it burns. She's a cutie and it makes the spanking and fucking that much more fun. Damn that ass is red.

This week Kelly comes in to get her tanning and facial. We have never had a problem with big tittied blondes and we are not going to start now.

We thought we would give you an early update this week so you can enjoy the long weekend. This week we tan Kmillias ass and fuck her tight puss. Happy holiday.

More lovely spanking, this weeks victim is Delphina.We were in and out like fast food. All that was left when we were done were singed buns and a face full of condiments.

We love girls named Carmen and this one is no different. We gave out the spank and boy did she like it. Check out some quality ass tanning.

We like skanky looking blondes cause they usually know how to act the part. And with a name like Angelina this was a no lose situation. We gave that ass a nice scarring too.

Another week, another severely tanned ass. This week Vanessa is up and I hope she has some soothing cream for her ass, if not we can provide her with our own Far East brand.

Sweet Samaya wanted to come on over and take a bath, we had no prblem with this. Bath time is also spank time at FEM, nothing better than spanking a freshly cleaned ass.

Vivica is a little thing that came to us with an untanned ass. We like a challenge and went to work trying to get her ass to match the rest of her.

This dynamic duo was eager to get their spank and fuck on, so we didn't waste any time. Two for the price of one is our kind of deal.

This naughty non-panty wearing slut needed some punishement. Far East is ready to lay down the law for what we believe in... crimson asses. Annemarie is now a believer.

Jerzi is tiny thing from California. Size didn't matter in this case as this girl was big enough to handle our industry standard spank session with our patented mighty cock treatment. We then spoiled her with a nice elephant sized load to coat that cute face. Good things do come in small packages indeed.

When Triston showed up grumpy we knew there was much work to be done. After begging for our tanning to stop we creamed that bitch and sent her home with a better attitude.

Roxanna is a firebush. We slapped her ass silly to match her red hair color. Being the firemen we are here at FarEast, we had to extinguish those flames with hose full of jizz

Jasmine was a spankaholic. She wanted her ass slapped and stung like a bee. To finish the job, a penis was placed in her asshole. She wasn't disappointed in the whole experience.

Zoey came to us from space. We made sure her underside didn't fail from repeated batterings. Then our asstronaut released his massive payload. "Houston, we have a boner."

Sindy came to us with fear of the spank, but we are spank experts and before long her fears were forgotten with help from our certified spank counselor. Another satisfied slut.

What's black and white and red all over? A skunk named Morgann that just left Far East HQ. Not only did we provide the hot spank, we also gave that skunk loads of our funk.

We found tiny Kimberly at the mall and she told us where to find a deal on 18 year old virgin ass. After tanning some delectable ass, we shopped til' we dropped...massive loads.

Corey is student looking to learn. At Far East U our hands on teachers specialize in the ass. Corey graduated suma cum lade with a double major in ass pilferage and ass conquest.

This 19 year old partying waitress was eager to serve us some nice ass. We dug right in and left this bitch a large gooey tip. Don't worry, Far East is picking up the check.

This black haired bueaty came to the Far East stables a little wild. Our trained hands branded that ass and this little mare began to submit to our discipline.

Heidi arrived a little shy, but she soon warmed up to our Far East hospitality. Later, this cum swallowing meatbag was more than happy to show her appreciation.

Angie showed up with a tan. But being in the tanning business we felt she needed our special treatment. After, this princess enjoyed our complementary ass injection and mouthwash.

With a cute smile Ava came knocking. John answered with a spanking more intense than the fires of Hades. Then he finished her off with a fuck that even Zues himself would smile upon.

Poor Brooke didn't know what she was getting into when she met up with Joe. After a firm ass thrashing, Joe took his big shot, leaving a good taste in her mouth.

Little Lexie took the wrong fork in the road and ended up over John's lap for a solid bottom warming. Afterwards John warms her pussy and mouth...

Newcomer Alana gets a good spanking followed by some rigorous "back door training" as she learns to accept Joe's dick up her little ass.

Blond beauty Harmony gets one of our more comprehensive bottom blastings with hand and hairbrush.

Little 18 year old Allie meets our newest spanker, Dave. This teen beauty gets a good bottom warming before being vigorously fucked up the ass.

Dillon is one hot 22-year-old Joe managed to convince to swing on by for a casual drink and spanking and ass fucking session. She gets the full Far East Media treatment - good spanking, fucked and ass-fucked, and a nice tonsil bath to finish. Fine job as usual Joe!

Definitely not the usual Far East media video, 20-year-old Kitty loves to be spanked and cums almost the entire video. Nice spanking and hairbrush spanking, fucking and a good mouth cleansing. Outstanding ass, one of the nicest we have seen!

Meet Bobbie, a 19-year-old nursing student that Joe happened upon. Seems that she has trouble finding the motivation to go to class, but Joe prescribes an ass-tanning worthy of a doctorate to this platinum blonde bombshell! Great over the knee spanking, fucking, and ass fucking before Bobbie takes Joe`s load in her eager mouth.

Chinese American beauty Kai Woo is breathtaking and gets a nice FarEastMedia hairbrushing before being thoroughly fucked... This has to be one of our cutest girls ever!

Meet 19 Year old Tori, a college student we picked up when she strayed too far from home. Joe sticks his dick right up Tori's well spanked but still virgin ass, only she leaps from the couch like a wounded cat. (Don't miss that scene) We felt a little sorry for her, so Joe instead fucked her in her other hole.

95 pound little leah is 20 but looks much younger. She made a wrong turn in life into the FarEastMedia studio and word has it her ass is still smarting. Spanked. Fucked. Ass-Fucked.

Lacy is an 18 year old sweetheart from Texas. By far one of the baddest little girls we have encountered, she announces that she'd like to try a spanking from Joe, not to mention that she'd like to try getting her littlest hole explored. Joe, as usual, is only too happy to oblige little Lacy. Spanked. Fucked. Ass-Fucked.

Our spankee for August is Jenni, who we were introduced to by Taylor as a girl needing some correction in life. (Don't know why Taylor turned in Jenni to us, but rumor has it some boyfriend-stealing was involved.) This girl is cute! And check out that little tanned ass!

Taylor is back for one of the nicest videos I think we have ever made. This is really a "spanking couple's" movie - Great looking players, and hard (but not severe in this episode) bare bottomed spanking, and great sex. What else could you want?

Shane (the guy sitting on my couch!) is a long time Far East Media fan. He's been emailing for months that his girlfriend sure could use a good spanking, and we were only too happy to oblige. That's 19 year old submissive Jesmi sitting next to him, appearing a bit bewildered by the whole thing. Poor Jesmi gets a very hard spanking before Shane drives his dick right up her ass.

Cutie-pie Brandy is back! You have seen her before in Volumes 7 and 8, but you haven't seen her like this! That's right, in this latest movie 18 year old Brandy gets spanked, fucked, and face creamed - in other words the standard Far East Media "Full Treatment" for very bad girls.

By any measure this movie is a one of a kind. We knew we were going to break new ground in spanking movies when we first met the lovely 18-year-old Vicci. Very hard spanking and ass fucking before Vicci`s hungry lips open up for Joe`s full load.

Ok, this movie didn't exactly turn out the way we started it, but when Joe and I get together to film these anything can happen! These two (18 and 19 year old) girls have their first lesbian spanking and pussy licking session courtesy of Far East Media!

Spanking movies are like a box of chocolates; you never know exactly what you are going to get. When Taylor agreed to do another spanking video so quickly, we were a little surprised after the ass pasting Joe gave her a few weeks ago. As always, we don't have a script or a plan for these videos, we just see what happens. Well, what happened in this video is that it got totally out of control.

After about 10 minutes of some pretty good hard handspanking, Taylor and Joe, through some sort of mutually apparent thing that just clicked between them, started fucking and sucking their brains out.
Erotic Spankings

In her fourth and final Far East Media appearance (we say "final", because after this ass-pasting Brandy lit out for the west coast and was never seen again), we find 18 year old Brandy has returned to school and is trying for the "straight and narrow".

Also features a great bathtime scene after which Brandy gets her dripping wet ass tanned again.

13 is our lucky number! We couldn't believe our luck in landing 21 year old Hollie for a "glamour shoot" as we told her, he he he. This is one HARD spanking poor little Holly gets, and a taste of our hairbrush on her bare bottom too.

18 year old newcomer Gianna was tanned and toned, so we naturally wondered how her ass would look with a sunburn! Good Hard Spanking action.

English babe Angelica was right off the boat (well, the plane, actually) and claimed that despite rumors to the contrary, there isn't that much spanking going on over in the motherland. Well, not in her household, anyway... HARD spanking with hand and hairbrush!

I think this may be our finest video to date. 18 Year old Brandy (18 1/2, she said!) just about oozes little girl charm and spankability, and we had so much fun making her video that we shot a whole series with her. HARD hand spanking.

Our homepage girl for last year is featured in one of the best movies I think we had made to date. First, Danielle is really cute. She is just 18 and has never been on camera before, and it shows. She has also never been spanked before. Other sites talk about "schoolgirls" but we got 'em for real!

Island girls, anyone? When I first saw this 19 year old beauty I was stunned. Nicole is half Polynesian and half Puerto Rican and just gorgeous. She had turned 19 just a few days before and I had to check her id very carefully as she looks much younger. Nicole has absolutely, positively never been spanked before (excepting a couple of slaps during sex, she admitted) and never appeared in any movie or video.

Let's face it, we don't have a storyline at all in this series, folks. What we do is find young beautiful women, and talk them into doing a video with us. For this video, we hit the jackpot with Taylor, a very naughty budding porn star! Needless to say, Taylor has been doing lots of exceptionally naughty things lately - and we didn't have to think of an excuse to spank her!
Just Spankings

We put these 2 cuties in the same movie as they both had one thing in common we don't see too often - they actually liked getting spanked! These are pretty hard spankings - Ice Creame gets the the hand, hairbrush, and even a long belting with my leather belt - and Juliette gets the hand and hairbrush.

Both girls told us on and off camera that they liked getting spanked hard, even when it really hurts and they are struggling to get away! We don't see women this naturally submissive too often, and we thought you'd enjoy this double header...

What we do is find young beautiful women, and talk them into doing a video with us. For this first video, we hit the jackpot with two women who have absolutely, positively, never been spanked before. (Kennedy admitted to a little spanking during sex at times, and Shaunna said her father used to spank her a little - we aren't counting this of course).