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Volume 1 - Kennedy & Shaunna

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At last its here! Almost 50 minutes in length. In glorious DVD (playable worldwide), VHS (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM) and CDROM. Let's face it, we don't have a storyline at all in this series, folks.

What we do is find young beautiful women, and talk them into doing a video with us. For this first video, we hit the jackpot with two women who have absolutely, positively, never been spanked before. (Kennedy admitted to a little spanking during sex at times, and Shaunna said her father used to spank her a little - we aren't counting this of course). This is no bs - if you ever see these women on the net anywhere or in a video getting spanked prior to our shoot (June 5 2002) you can have your money back and keep the video!

Scene 1 (hand spanking and hairbrush) features Kennedy Daniels, who we instantly dubbed "PottyMouth". Kennedy arrives smiling at snickering about this assignment, and she thinks its going to be a peace of cake.

Kennedy is 24, and very cute; about 90 pounds. She was showing off a little but before the shoot and all smiles.


But Joseph Lewis, our resident spanker, knew better. He quickly got her to assume the position. Kennedy seemed to like the attention; my how naive they are!

It didn't take Joe long to get the panties down, though, and things started heating up. It was right around then that we named her "PottyMouth" after the torrid of names she called Joe and the cameraman after she discovered this wasn't going to be a bit of an erotic "paddy cake". She taunted and bratted her way through most of the rest of the spanking with a truly amazing outburst. In fact, it wasn't long before our man figured out the only way to shut Kennedy up for a bit was to stuff her panties in her mouth, a very nice touch as you can see here that was much appreciated by Miss Daniels!


As the spanking heated up it became apparent that PottyMouth was still not learning her lesson, So Joe unleashed a hairbrush on that beautiful little bottom. And that really did the trick! She still taunted Joe but her genuine screams of discomfort are really something to be heard. In the end, our little girl learned her lesson indeed; mainly to never do another video with us, he he he!

Before leaving us, Kennedy gave us a final wave good-bye:         


Scene 2 (handspanking) features another absolute beginner, Shaunna, 27, whom we called "The Bitch", She basically complained about everything and anything from the moment she came through the door.

On camera she describes the spanking as "humiliating". We couldn't imagine why. She even complains about pulling her panties down, but we did anyway just for you, of course. One thing positive we can say about Shaunna, she had a breathtaking ass! Somehow Shaunna managed to charm us out of the pretty hard spanking we usually dole out (or should we say "threatened" - off camera, the word "lawsuit" was mentioned more than once).

But we managed to get a great video anyway, although we were just tempted to shoot 20 minutes of us staring at her ass; it was that impressive.