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Volume 11 - Brandy & Joe
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44 Minutes. Cutie-pie Brandy is back! You have seen her before in Volumes 7 and 8, but you haven't seen her like this! That's right, in this latest movie 18 year old Brandy gets spanked, fucked, and face creamed - in other words the standard Far East Media "Full Treatment" for very bad girls.


I don't remember exactly what I said when I snapped this pic of Brandy - probably that she had to get spanked again!


Joe begins the shoot with his usual easy spanking. Heh, no sense having them run for the door before he gets started, eh?


Knowing what he has in store for Brandy, he starts stripping her pretty quickly to reveal that breathtaking teenage ass of hers:


If you have seen Brandy's previous videos, you will know she does not take her spankings very well. She just hates getting spanked, and her little bottom is pretty quick to turn red.

Joe delivers his usual very fine performance, as Brandy demonstrates the proper "tippie-toes" position for getting a good bottom warming...


Joe figures she has had enough, and goes quite a bit farther than the usual "kiss it and make it better" routine!


And he goes on to do a whole lot of kissing of Brandy, including planting his tongue firmly in everything he can find include her cute little bottom-hole.


Which has her only too happy to reciprocate!


Joe finishes off with a good hard fucking, including a few more spanks for good luck, and another Far East Media exclusive is wrapped up!