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Volume 12 - Gianna

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48 minutes. 18 year old newcomer Gianna was tanned and toned, so we naturally wondered how her ass would look with a sunburn!


We started with our usual interview. Our Beach Babe - Gianna - was actually a little bit into spanking, so she didn't think this would be too much of a big deal!


Joe wasn't spanking for more than a minute before her ass started to redden. Joe likes to "lotion 'em up" for the action to come...


Joe usually likes to spank them naked, and quickly stripped Gianna. She didn't seem too worried, at first, but as Joe gradually turned up the heat you can really see a change in her attitude.


This is just basically a gratuitous ass shot of Joe taking a pause to run his fingers over her magnificent ass.


Joe continues to work away, and by the end of a pretty long spanking session our girl really had a fire in her ass.


Eventually, Joe lets Gianna cool down some other overheated things, besides just her butt.


Gianna looks nice all over! We shot this in the summer of 2002, so she really was tanned and toned.


Joe finishes up with the standard Far East Media icing down. Lesson thoroughly learned; I doubt we will have to be seeing Gianna any time soon!