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Volume 13 - Hollie

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43 Minutes. 13 is our lucky number! We couldn't believe our luck in landing 21 year old Hollie for a "glamour shoot" as we told her, he he he.


Hollie is a cute as a button blonde, and we did our standard Far East Media interview for starters.


We quickly got her to get naked, which revealed the most perfect natural breasts Joe and I had ever seen. Hollie is a real good sport too - when we told her we'd like to include "a little spanking" she agreed fairly quickly.


Joe started with his trademark "good girl" spanking which Hollie seemed to enjoy. As you can see she has a perfect ass which Joe definitely enjoyed smacking...


We knew a little bit about Hollie though, and she had been a bad little girl indeed. With some harder spanking Joe managed to wipe the smirk off her face in record time!


After a pretty long hard spanking that left her ass pretty red, Joe cools her down with a little ice. Shown here is the cube he "accidentally" always seems to drop right in the hot spot!


Joe wasn't quite done, though, and gave Hollie a sound hairbrush spanking as she knew she deserved. He is not shy with that weapon either, and our little girl was pleading and will have a very long reminder on her bottom of the big mistake she made - meeting us, that is!


We are not always meanies, though, and Holly was glad to give us a little show to top of the afternoon.


Afterwards, Hollie is only too happy to flaunt her warm bottom for all her fans to see.

And you can see it all too ---