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Volume 14 - Jesmi & Shane

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33 Minutes. Shane (the guy sitting on my couch!) is a long time Far East Media fan. He's been emailing for months that his girlfriend sure could use a good spanking, and we were only too happy to oblige.

That's 19 year old submissive Jesmi sitting next to him, appearing a bit bewildered by the whole thing.

Joe lifted Jesmi's skirt to reveal some "spank me" panties and a very white ass, which Joe went to work on.
As usual Joe was pretty quick to get to the "down with the panties" part. Spanking panties or not, he likes to spank girls bare assed.
Jesmi has one nice ass! I would say Joe give her bottom a little more vigorous rubbing than usual, and I can't say I blame the guy!
A gratuitous view of Jesmi and her pretties.
By now poor Jesmi's bottom was getting pretty raw, but Shane produced a small flogger so Joe could really go to town.
As Jesmi's cries got louder and louder, Shane rose to the occasion to silence her protests with the only large thing handy, he he he. This scene has to be a "spanking first"!
That is one banged up ass! Shane seems to be enjoying himself though, and submissive Jesmi seemed very eager to please and make amends...
Shane bends Jesmi over and continues to drill her over the couch.
As a final gesture, Shane plunges deep into Jesmi's ass. Way to go Shane! The full Far East Media bad girl treatment!

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