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Volume 15 - Schoolgirl Brandy

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38 Minutes. In her fourth and final Far East Media appearance (we say "final", because after this ass-pasting Brandy lit out for the west coast and was never seen again), we find 18 year old Brandy has returned to school and is trying for the "straight and narrow".

Only, as always, she seems to be in trouble again, he he he. At the boarding school where she was supposed to be learning, she is instead spending most of her time smoking, drinking, and partying, a series of behavior patterns that Joe, as always, will seek to correct.

Joe believes that the fastest road to correction of an errant young girl is a firm hand applied to her bare bottom, for as long as it takes.


In the first scene, we interview Brandy, who showed up complete with her schoolgirl jumper.
After we have heard enough of her protests, Joe hauls her roughly over her knee and does his usual heavy handed ass pasting on her remarkably cute little girl bottom.
...Which doesn't sit very well with Brandy, to say the least! This little girl does not like to be spanked!
With a girl this cute, Joe likes to inspect everything carefully; can't say I blame him!
Brandy has one beautiful butt. What you can't see from the picture - be sure to check out the movie preview - is that Joe is really wailing away.
Joe usually likes to spank bad girls naked, but made an exception for Brandy's "good girl" stockings...
After her spanking, Brandy wanted to take a bath, so naturally we followed her in there...
And I found some peculiar goings-on, that's for sure, as Brandy started to fuck herself with a pink dildo.

Unfortunately for Brandy, she never seems to know when to stop being a bratt. After she used another unfortunate expression towards Joe, he hauls her out of the bath for a final ass smacking on her wet little bottom.

Judging from her reaction, that must have really stung!