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Volume 18 - Jenni

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45 minutes. Our spankee for August is Jenni, who we were introduced to by Taylor as a girl needing some correction in life. (Don't know why Taylor turned in Jenni to us, but rumor has it some boyfriend-stealing was involved.)

This girl is cute! And check out that little tanned ass!

Poor Jenni has never been spanked before, as evidenced by the fact that she was all smiles in the beginning.

Joe likes to stand them up and warm them up these days...
That is just about a perfect "10" ass in my book...
A "birds eye" view of the action; by now Jenni was understandably having second thoughts about this little adventure
Joe cranks it up. Jenni had quite a low pain tolerance, poor girl.
Jenni's friend, Taylor, eagerly agreed to a cameo role as "fluff girl", and I must say Joe seemed to approve!
Joe has his way with Jenni, admiring her reddened ass.
Ok this part of the video Jenni really liked, bobbing up and down on Joe like an apple in the water.
A "rear view" of her still sore ass as Joe rams home...
If you look close Joe's aim was a little worse than usual but Jenni didn't seem to mind... Some girls just want to have fun!

Jenni was a real good sport and stuck with us and got a pretty good ass tanning in the process. Judging from her reaction this will probably be her one and only spanking video so get your copy fast, or watch it right now in the member's section (broadband and dialup versions).