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Volume 2 - Taylor

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At last its here! Over 55 minutes in length. In glorious DVD (playable worldwide), VHS (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM) and CDROM. Let's face it, we don't have a storyline at all in this series, folks. What we do is find young beautiful women, and talk them into doing a video with us. For this video, we hit the jackpot with Taylor, a very naughty budding porn star! Needless to say, Taylor has been doing lots of exceptionally naughty things lately (you can find a link to her website below) and we didn't have to think of an excuse to spank her!

We played it cool at first as we always do, and reeled her in. You can see her here smiling during her interview:


Because she looked so awesome we immediately had her strip naked rather than waste any time!


See what we mean! Watta tan! We warmed her up slowly with one of our usual light spankings (the trick is to get them at least halfway through the shoot so they don't bolt for the door!) and then Joe started swinging harder.


It was right around then that Taylor realized Joe was a force to be reckoned with, and she began to have second thoughts, no doubt. After a very hard and thorough handspanking Joe unleashed his favorite hairbrush.


By the end of the spanking naughty Taylor was actually crying and was very flushed - at both ends!


Amazingly, little Taylor seems to get horny anytime, and with Joe's commanding presence she was quickly cooling down:



In the end, Taylor forgave Joe for her mistreatment and as you can see they are now the best of friends... Note those red cheeks and how gingerly she is sitting, he he he!


If you like erotic spanking you will love this video. Hard spanking, hairbrush, and a terrific masturbation scene.