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Volume 28 - Tori
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51 Minutes - Meet 19 Year old Tori, a college student we picked up when she strayed too far from home.

This has to be one of the nicest butts we have ever seen:


After a nice long hand spanking, Joe gives Tori a good belting, way to go Joe!

Little Tori is sorry now...

Tori know she has been a bad little girl and is eager to make amends:

Joe as usual feels that one good turn deserves another:

Joe sticks his dick right up Tori's well spanked but still virgin ass, only she leaps from the couch like a wounded cat. (Don't miss that scene) We felt a little sorry for her, so Joe instead fucked her in her other hole:


Joe feels good girl Tori has earned a nice reward, and as usual he delivers:


Whatta girl!!!!