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Volume 3 - Nicole

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Island girls, anyone? When I first saw this 19 year old beauty I was stunned. Nicole is half Polynesian and half Puerto Rican and just gorgeous. She had turned 19 just a few days before and I had to check her id very carefully as she looks much younger.

Nicole has absolutely, positively never been spanked before (excepting a couple of slaps during sex, she admitted) and never appeared in any movie or video.

Over 70 minutes in length. In glorious DVD (playable worldwide), VHS (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM). We usually edit them shorter but I just couldn't bear to cut any of this little girl's video; she was that great.

We played it cool at first as we always do, and reeled her in. You can see her here smiling during her interview:


You have to see this interview to believe it. Nicole has a lot of wild streaks that she was only to happy to talk about. Lets just say a lot of young girls and "sleepovers" were involved.

Nicole has a truly heavenly little girl body and was wearing glitter from head to toe. When we got a peek at those stunning little breasts we were practically speechless and just had to ask her to show them off for the camera.

Much as we liked Nicole, though, Joe quickly got to the hard spanking that he usually administers. Nicole had fantasized about a hard spanking for a long time, but she quickly realized that this was a bit more than she imagined. This is one of the longer spankings that we have filmed, and poor little Nicole was panting and having a hard time staying in Joe's lap. But these girls know they have been naughty, and deep inside they long for the kind of correction that Joe is famous for dishing out.

After a long and through hand spanking, Joe produced his favorite hairbrush. This really got to singing a nice song on that lovely little bottom of hers. Nicole has such a beautiful and flawless little bottom that we really couldn't help ourselves!

What happened next really stunned us. As much as poor little Nicole didn't enjoy being spanked, if you watch the video carefully you can see her perfect little shaved pussy glistening with excitement - even before Joe and I noticed it! When a sweet smell filled the room - almost like peaches, there wasn't any doubt left and Nicole was only too happy to exchange the hairbrush treatment for her own very talented fingers!

As you can see those fingers were pretty busy; little Nicole figured out fast that her ass was good for more than spanking!

Our little brown Island beauty soon produced a nice contrasting toy, and, after demonstrating what those sweet little red lips could do, she proceeded to give herself a vigorous fucking that left Joe and I wide eyed and having some difficulty walking, if you know what I mean.

There has to be an ending to all good things, and much as we loved playing with Nicole, we had to leave her and her now flaming little bottom. Joe gave her a nice icing down, we gave her the standard FarEastMedia complimentary pillow for the drive home, and drove off in search of our next adventure!

If you like erotic spanking you will love this video. Hard spanking, hairbrush, and a terrific masturbation scene.