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Volume 31 - Bobbie
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46 Minutes - Meet Bobbie, a 19 year old nursing student that Joe happened upon. Seems that she has trouble finding the motivation to go to class, but Joe prescribes an ass-tanning worthy of a doctorate to this platinum blonde bombshell!

Bobbie has one of hell of a body on her, and an ass to kill for. We didn't waste anytime and sent Joe right in to attack:


At first she really seemed relaxed, almost enjoying the spanking to a degree...

But Dr. Joe prescribed 50ccs more of intensity, dedicated to get her back into line. That's when her attitude started to change:

Accepting that she was very naughty indeed, Bobbie began to nurse the trust back into Joe:

Naturally he was very gracious for her attention:

As things heated up, the care got better. So Joe wasted no time. She was like a cat in heat and Joe assaulted her warm, beaten ass as hard as he could!:


Joe gives Bobbie one last shot to ease up Bobbie's tension, which she gladly accepts... right down her throat:


Hopefully Bobbie goes thru with her schooling. It would be a crime to deny a person a nurse of this caliber!