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Volume 32 - Kittie
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45 Minutes - Joe had no idea what kind of trouble he was about to be a part of when he ran into 20 year old Kittie! This video is a very rare and fortunate occurance! Poor Kittie who agreed to be a part of out "personal collection" had only been spanked twice before, but had no idea what she was in for. Actually, WE had no idea what we were in for! This girl loved being spanked more than your average girl.

Kittie had one of the best asses we've ever seen here at Far East Media, so Joe was eager to skip all the chatting and get right down to business :


As Joe turned up the heat, Kittie started to cum right there on his lap. It was becoming increasingly apparent that it'd be hard to teach her a lesson:

So after two eruptions Joe pulled out the big guns. Well, rather, the hairbrush. He pounded away as fast as ever, but it was evident that he had met his match! Just being spanked alone, this Kittie came an purred an unprecedented 3 times:

With this odd turn of events, it was only natural for her to return the favor that he unwillingly did for her. She quickly went on to inhale his cock:

But what a good guy Joe is. He went down to taste all of the girl-cum that was still clinging to this pussy cat:

He was not done though of course. This Kittie was in heat, so he fucked her wherever he could, stretching her across the arm of the couch, taking her to the floor, letting her ride on to another orgasm:


At the end of it all Joe gave Kittie some milk for her to remember him by and she didn't let one drop goto waste:


Kittie is certainly one of a kind. Never has anyone enjoyed a spanking so much and most likely never again! We swear, we try to teach these girls a lesson, but i guess every now and then there's a diamond in the rough.