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Volume 33 - Dillon
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38 Minutes - Dillon is the 22 year old that Joe ran into - who worked at the piercing shop he checked out. After he claims that she wouldn't do it (though i think Joe just made the whole thing up to get her attention), he managed to convince her to swing on by for a casual drink and spanking session.

This self proclaimed pagan had a joke for everything. She pulled down her pants to show us the pharaoh's eye she had tattooed on her ass. Here we see Joe finding the blue eye but searching for the elusive "brown eye":


During the inspection he discovered that Dillon had been working on her tan lines and accidentally burned herself. So it became quite clear that Joe had to get to work on "evening her out":

It didn't really seem like she approved of his methods much however. She may have thought she was sitting on the lap of the devil himself, but Joe spanked all of the evil out of her:

As always, Joe is smooth with the women and is easily forgiven. When he was done we really got a great like of that majestic body of hers:

She immediately went to return the favor, attempting to exorcise the cum out of Joe's huge cock :

An amazing thing though happened while these two were going at it. While Joe was fucking her he managed to find the mysterious brown eye! And of course he went to go pay his respects... all while the other eye on her back watched:


In the end, Dillon received a cumblast to the back of her tonsils and gave us a look as if she was ready for more action:


Dillon certainly had a great sense of humor on her about the entire thing. As a matter of fact, it's hard to believe that she's going to school for dental hygenics. Well at least Joe D.D.S. gave her her first free filling... ;)