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Volume 4 - Taylor & Joe

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33 Minutes. Spanking movies are like a box of chocolates; you never know exactly what you are going to get. When Taylor agreed to do another spanking video so quickly, we were a little surprised after the ass pasting Joe gave her a few weeks ago. As always, we don't have a script or a plan for these videos, we just see what happens.

Well, what happened in this video is that it got totally out of control. After about 10 minutes of some pretty good hard handspanking, Taylor and Joe, through some sort of mutually apparent thing that just clicked between them, started fucking and sucking their brains out.

We don't know quite what to make of this movie. We haven't filmed anything like this before. Hell, nobody has filmed anything like this before. Its a lot more spanking then you'll ever find in a porn tape, but less spanking (and more sucking) than you'll see in our usual hard-to-tears punishment movies. So its a bit more of an erotic couples video as opposed to a traditional spanking movie. So we'll just show you the highlights and you can judge for yourselves.

It starts off tame enough, with Joe giving Taylor a lecture for some of the naughty things she has been doing at her website. Joe itemizes briefly her Internet misdeeds, which, in case you haven't been to her site, include fucking a lot of men, sucking a lot of women, receiving countless facials from her loyal members, and, just recently, even getting fucked up the ass for the first time in her life by some lucky guy. Watta girl!

Cute as her little blue dress was, Joe didn't mind pulling it up and getting right to business. He gives her a pretty good 10 minute or so ass pasting, which is usually enough all by itself but it just made little Taylor horny as hell for something more.

This is right around the time, as I say, that the video got out of control. Taylor had some other ideas about what she wanted to be doing that evening, and much as Joe likes spanking naughty girls, he couldn't exactly turn this down.

Joe returned the favor with a nice pussy licking, and put his lips on just about the sweetest little bottom hole he'd ever seen.

One thing about Joe, though, he is an ass man all the way. He proceeded to give Taylor some nice hard smacks even as he is pounding her with his other member, way to go Joe!

As Taylor perched on her knees and her red butt, Joe finished off with a nice face fucking and little Taylor was a happy girl indeed! We couldn't recall ever seeing a freshly spanked girl so eager to swallow every drop (uh, you missed a little there Joe!) and Taylor smacks her lips and says "yummy!" for the camera.

Like we said, not exactly your father's spanking movie - the one with a couple schoolgirls and the old British guy, eh? But if you like beautiful young girls, OTK spanking, and sexual submission, you'll love this movie!