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Volume 5 - Ice Creame & Juliette
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We put these 2 cuties in the same movie as they both had one thing in common we don't see too often - they actually liked getting spanked! These are pretty hard spankings - Ice Creame gets the the hand, hairbrush, and even a long belting with my leather belt - and Juliette gets the hand and hairbrush. Both girls told us on and off camera that they liked getting spanked hard, even when it really hurts and they are struggling to get away! We don't see women this naturally submissive too often, and we thought you'd enjoy this double header...

The first scene is "Ice Creame". She is 22, giggles a lot, and comes off fairly innocent, but we wouldn't kid you about her. She is actually a porn star, including a recent debut in a certain "hardcore" series of movies that features Ice Creame standing on her head while a 50 year old man fucks her up the ass. Needless to say, she has been very, very naughty and we felt she could benefit from a long session with Joe.

We begin by chatting with Ice Creame a little. She giggles constantly, but is a little nervous.

It doesn't take Joe very long to get her over his lap and get the panties down, and he starts heating it up.

One thing about Miss Giggles we noticed, those legs of hers just spread widely at every opportunity, without a word on our part. Somebody trained her very well!

We got a little tired of seeing Ice Creame giggle, so Joe introduced her to his hairbrush. Note the interesting change of expression after the first blow. By any chance did you see the film "scary movie"?

It was hard to get a good "frame grab" from the movie as Joe is swinging it so fast, but he finished up with a long belting as hard as he could with a leather belt. One of the things we look for to see if a spankee is just faking or really getting the message, is to watch how hard her little cheeks "clench" together as the belt or hairbrush hits and our little Ice Cream was slamming those cheeks shut tight for this one!

Scene 2 features Juliette, a voluptuous 20 year old.

She is a bit more innocent than Ice Creame and just a real sweet submissive. She likes the man to take charge in her life and feels an "occasional face and panties down over the lap" reminder of who is the boss is very sexy. We were only too happy to oblige.

We started with our usual easy spanking, pausing appropriately to take in one great ass! Juliette is definitely not the "rail skinny" model we usually like to shoot, but has a pretty ample ass and breasts that were certainly easy on the eyes.

After a while of that, Joe introduced her to the hairbrush, something she had never felt before and Juliette was quite surprised by the sting it had! We like to do a "grand finale" where we test each girl's limits, and we were getting the feeling Juliette was past hers. Since we actually had come to Juliette's hotel room to spank her, and since we are real gentlemen and all, Joe figured out how to keep our gal quiet and us from getting thrown out of the hotel!

We hope you'll like volume 5! Cute girls, hard spankings, real life submissives. Click "order now" at the top of the page and you can see it for yourself soon.

At last its here! Almost 50 minutes in length. In glorious DVD (playable worldwide), VHS (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM) and CDROM. Let's face it, we don't have a storyline at all in this series, folks.
of us staring at her ass; it was that impressive.