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Volume 6 - Danielle
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Our homepage girl for last year is featured in one of the best movies I think we had made to date. First, Danielle is really cute. She is just 18 and has never been on camera before, and it shows. She has also never been spanked before. Other sites talk about "schoolgirls" but we got 'em for real!

Since Danielle was so innocent, the first thing we did naturally was to tell her to turn around and drop them. We half expected her to bolt from the hotel, but she did it, after some hesitation, and showed us her million dollar white ass:

Next, we did our standard interview. Danielle turned out to have a lot of sexual and spanking fantasies, which you will be seeing in upcoming videos! We just couldn't get over our good fortune at talking a cute 18 year old girl into a hard spanking... Does it get any better than that?

As you can see we talked it up pretty good, as poor Danielle had no idea what she was in for. She was still all smiles as Joe took her over his lap. Note the smug look on Joe's face as he no doubt was savoring the moments to come; what a lucky guy...

We always start off easy, and Danielle was no exception. She smiled her way through a couple of minutes of easy spanking.

Eventually, though, Joe cranked up the volume on Danielle. He wiped that smirk right off of her face as he got down to business.

As time went by, little Danielle got a very, very red bottom as Joe gave her a very hard and long spanking.

Clips from movies, for some reason never seem to show just how red a bad girl's little bottom can get. But Danielle was a very, very sorry little girl and Joe had her pleading for some relief when it just looked like she couldn't stand it anymore.

After Joe's arm got tired we decided to give Danielle a break and her fingers very quickly found their mark. Turned out that although little Danielle was thoroughly unhappy and having second thoughts about the whole thing, deep inside she knew she had been a very bad girl indeed - and Joe's corrections were going to be good for her in the long run.

One of the nice things about being the cameraman for the movies is that I get a great view! Not only did Danielle have just about the sweetest little pussy I'd ever seen, but we couldn't help but notice her perfect pink little bottom hole as well. Joe and I asked her if she had ever had anal sex, and she said "just once". If you want to know more you'll have to watch the video!


It was really hart to part with Danielle. She was 105 pounds, 18, and had a great set of baby blue eyes, not to mention just about everything else. She took one of the harder spankings we have doled out. She loved masturbating for the camera and came for us. She is definitely a Far East Media kind of girl, and you will be seeing more of Danielle very soon!

Scott Trainer