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Volume 7 - Brandy

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I think this may be our finest video to date. 18 Year old Brandy (18 1/2, she said!) just about oozes little girl charm and spankability, and we had so much fun making her video that we shot a whole series with her. More on those videos later!

As always we started with an interview of her, and its one of the longer ones we filmed. She is just naturally a fun if somewhat incorrigible little girl.

Now Brandy, as it turns out, was kind of a special case. We didn't think she would do a spanking movie, so we got her to agree to a nude modeling shoot, he he he. We basically waited till we got her naked before we told her what we had in mind. But by then the trap was sprung and like the spider and the fly, Brandy was ours. We basically charmed her into trying the spanking, on the pretext that it wouldn't hurt. Not much, anyway.

Fortunately for you (and most unfortunately for Brandy) we lied. Joe is a pretty hard spanker, and after some initial kidding around, he delivered.


In the end, there were a few tears involved, and we decided Brandy had learned her lesson.


Brandy is a real sweetheart, though, and after cooling down she was horny as hell. She played around with her pink toy for us, and showed off her freshly spanked bottom for the camera.


A beautiful, naughty, sexy 18 year old girl. <Sigh> I miss her already.

Steve Trainer