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Volume 8 - Brandy & Danielle

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Teenage Bi-girl spanking!

50 minutes. Ok, this movie didn't exactly turn out the way we started it, but when Joe and I get together to film these anything can happen!

As it happens, we got together our 2 favorite naughty teenagers, Danielle and Brandy, for a "spanking double header". Both girls are 18, cute as buttons, and previously appeared in our videos (volumes 6 & 7) getting soundly spanked.

Standing around drooling over the girls while we interviewed them, Joe and I concocted the plot. Since both of these beauties were bi-curious anyway, why not let them just spank each other and see how things turn?

Much as Joe and I like spanking naughty girls, we were looking forward to this and these girls readily agreed. Come to think of it, these girls agree to just about everything we ever throw at them - good thing we are nice guys!

So we pretty easily talked Danielle into spanking Brandy, and waited to see what would happen.


As I remember, about the first thing Brandy said as Danielle's hand came down on her ass was "goody!". As you can see, the girls weren't taking this all that seriously but in fact were having the time of their lives with each other.

We tried to teach Danielle how to spank a little harder and wipe that smirk off Brandy's face, but our efforts just weren't going anywhere. Frankly, this is one of the sillier girl/girl spankings ever filmed, with a lot of laughing and smiling but an erotic charged undertone that Joe and I just couldn't ignore.

Finally, when the girls couldn't wait any longer (and neither could we) they just went at it.

Joe and I didn't particularly mind, as we felt like we were watching something special - two beautiful bi-curious teenage girls for whom sensual spanking had awakened a passion that would not be held back.


In the end, what we ended up filming was a pretty hot teenage girl sex movie with a little spanking thrown in. Not bad for an afternoon, eh? This was our second try at a girl/girl spanking movie and needless to say we had a lot of fun with these girls. After the movie we took them out to dinner and I kid you not, they held hands through the salad course.

Girls just want to have fun, eh?