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Volume 9 - Vicci

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By any measure this movie is a one of a kind. We knew we were going to break new ground in spanking movies when we first met the lovely 18 year old Vicci. Normally we kind of try to push the envelope with the girls but this amounted more to throwing it all out the window, as you shall see...

Young Vicci is a redhead and has done a couple of tame videos before having the misfortune to run into Joe and I. We started as always with our trademark interview, where we try to find out a little more about our girls prior to giving them a severe ass-whacking.


As he moved her into position Joe asks Vicci if she is nervous!

It wasn't long before Joe started heating up her cute little bottom and Joe figured out two things. First, this little girl's cute bottom started to turn red on the 3rd tap. Second, Vicci has a very low pain tolerance! Each spank had her rising up on her toes and grimacing in pain as she tried to keep her composure.


A lot of good OTK action follows, with poor Vicci having a very hard time trying to deal with it and at several points we thought she as going to cry. More on that later.

At some point we decided to give poor Vicci a rest (but only for a bit, as you shall see!) and let Vicci demonstrate some other, uh, talents. Captured here is Vicci's remarkable "sword swallowing" ability. Joe told me later it was possibly the best blowjob of his life!

Joe had his way with Vicci in a number of positions after that.

Soon Joe decided he wasn't finished with her ass, and starts to loosen her up for the following treatment, and some, uh, other fun things to do with young pretty girl's asses besides whack them...

Now little Vicci has said she had tried this once before, but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that she had quite a hard time dealing with this part of the movie, to say the least. Besides the cute cheeks Vicci had one sweet little bottom hole and she just wasn't able to "afford" being had this way.

Yikes! Off camera Vicc told us that all things considered, between being spanked and ass-fucked, given a choice she'd take the spanking...

Fortunately for Vicci, not too long later on Joe was ready for the traditional Far East Media style face blasting. Now I know because one of our movie reviewers said that not everyone loves porn style pop-shots, but this was definitely Vicci's favorite part of the movie. She had told us before we started shooting that she couldn't wait for this scene!


Unfortunately for Vicci, Joe wasn't quite done. He placed her back OTK and started smacking her ass again, and she was frankly have a very hard time. Still dripping from the chin from Joe's earlier treatment, she burst into tears.


Now, people that make these movies like to talk about "spanked to tears" but both Joe and I felt real bad about what happened, seriously. Vicci told us later on that it was not so much the severe pain that made her cry, but the fact that she knew it was about to happen and she was self conscious or maybe embarrassed. Special gal that she was, she urged us to continue the movie.

But actually, we had more than enough footage and were feeling that we had already gone way too far with her. So we ended that movie then - what was left to film, anyway?

Still feeling bad about her bursting into tears, we took Vicci out to dinner. She wasn't mad at us, she told us, and we felt a lot better. We had a lot of laughs then over dinner and the very last thing she said to us was,

"You guys are hardcore!"

-- Steve Trainer